Hi, This is MediAider Shop

MediAider is a private limited company founded to help patients in Bangladesh getting right healthcare in affordable price. While we are not a healthcare company, we are here to bridge the gap between the patients and the right healthcare service.

We created MediAider with a dream to become a one-stop center for the healthcare seeking patients. You have some health issues, but you don’t know where to go, which doctor to visit, what hospital to get admitted in and what is the right budget you should look into. Sound familiar? We are here to breakdown the complex and complicated healthcare system, make things easy for you, and guide you through the journey.

MediAider is currently offering online consultancy services with doctors in Bangladesh and India. It is delivering medicines on your demand. It is also making appointments and booking hospitals abroad i.e. supporting you with medical tourism. We don’t plan to stop going deeper and going wider until we become the number one trusted friend of healthcare seeking people in the country. We don’t plan to stop unless we make the healthcare system as easy for you as blowing a pinwheel. May Allah help us!